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Rules and Regulations

RULES AND REGULATIONS for Product of the Year by Intelligent Building

The 2016 Edition


§ 1
General provisions


  1. The Organizer of the Product of the Year 2015 contest is Trade Media International Sp. z o.o., the publisher of the online portal Intelligent Building, located in Koszykowa St. 6 in Warsaw.
  2. The aim of the contest is to promote the best products applicable in intelligent building sector in Poland.
  3. Products submitted can be domestic and foreign, new, improved or significantly modified compared to the previous version, but first introduced on the Polish market in 2016.
  4. Products can be submitted by production companies, distributors, service companies, and representatives of foreign companies.
  5. Products must be submitted by the due date in the form specified in the regulations.

§ 2
Rules for participation in the award contest


  1. The participation in the award contest is conditioned by submitting a product by the 27th of Januar 2017 in a form specified in the regulations.
  2. Submitting a product is free and does not include any cost on the participant’s part.
  3. To submit a product apply through the electronic form available on the website pr.inteligentnybudynek.eu/produkty/dodaj.
  4. The company can submit a maximum of 5 products in each category.
  5. The application of the product should include:
    1. The name, contact details, company logo and description;
    2. Details of the person submitting the product;
    3. The official name of the product;
    4. Link to the website with the full description of the product;
    5. The product category;
    6. A short description of the product (up to 400 characters with spaces);
    7. Product description (up to 3000 characters including spaces);
    8. One or more images of the product clearly signed.
  6. The Organizer may, if necessary, request additional information and documentation to verify the application form.
  7. If the product is submitted by its exclusive distributor it is necessary to include a statement about market exclusivity in Poland and rights to use its brand, trademark and other markings.
  8. The contest may also include products featured online on Intelligent Building.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to use the submitted material in publications and on the portals.

§ 3
The contest categories


  1. The contest "Product of the Year" by Intelligent Building will select the winners in the following categories:
    1. Elements of building automation
    2. Elements of building automation - BMS
    3. Wireless technologies in building automation
    4. Software
    5. Security systems, safeguard and monitoring
    6. Smart HVAC systems
    7. Intelligent lighting systems
    8. Power management systems - BEMS and smart metering
    9. Energy management systems - renewable sources and smart grid
    10. Internet of Things in intelligent buildings
    11. Fire protection systems in intelligent buildings
    12. Touch screens / mobile applications for rooms / buildings control
  2. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to determine and modify the list of categories depending on the number of applications received.

§ 4
The jury


  1. The Organizer appoints the jury, which will be composed of the Editorial department of Intelligent Building and industry experts in intelligent building and automation.
  2. The jury is responsible for assessing the submitted products based on the criteria if the product is:
    1. Innovative;
    2. Practical;
    3. Easy to use;
    4. Economically and non-economically beneficial.
  3. All members of the jury are obliged to maintain confidentiality.
  4. If necessary, the jury may request additional information that could have a decisive influence on the advancing to the final stage - the readership vote.

§ 5
Stages and voting rules


  1. The "Product of the Year" contest by Intelligent Building is multi-stage.
  2. In the initial stage, all submitted products will be analyzed by an independent jury of representatives of academia. Based on the application answers, they will choose 3-5 products in each category to advance to the final stage - the readership vote.
  3. The jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products in a secret meeting.
  4. In the next stage, the readers of the Intelligent Building portal will decide the winner.
  5. The voting takes place through a special form on the website pr.inteligentnybudynek.eu/.
  6. The voting lasts from the 1st to 31st of March 2017.
  7. Each voter can vote for one selected product from each category.
  8. One person can vote only once for each product in each category.
  9. In each category will win the product that receives the highest total number of points from the readers' votes and the jury evaluations.
  10. The method of calculating the winner is weighted according to the following proportions: 60% of the total value of votes is attributed to the readers' votes and 40% to the jury’s votes. For example, if a given product has 10 votes from the jury and ten votes from the readers, then the product will receive .4 x 10 + .6 x 10 = 10 total votes.
  11. In case of an equal number of votes for two or more products in a category, the jury chooses the winner, or ex aequo winners.
  12. In a special case, the jury decides the winners in each category.

§ 6
The contest promotion


  1. The contest will be promoted on the portal www.inteligentnybudynek.eu, in regular newsletters, and at industry events under the media patronage by the Intelligent Building portal.
  2. Descriptions of submitted/nominated products will be included on the Intelligent Building portal in the special “Product of the Year” section - according to the guidelines set by the editors of the magazine.
  3. The editors reserve the right to publish chosen products submitted for “Product of the Year.”
  4. The products that advance to the final stage of the voting will be published on the Intelligent Building portal in the section devoted to the "Product of the Year" contest.
  5. The companies whose products advance to the final stage - the readership vote - can use the “Product of the Year” logo solely for the purpose of promoting the voting process in the Intelligent Building "Product of the Year" contest.
  6. The winning companies will have the right to use the “Product of the Year” logo and title in their marketing materials when referring to the winning product.

§ 7


  1. The winners will be awarded commemorative diplomas.
  2. The winning companies will have the right to use the “Product of the Year” logo and title in their marketing materials when referring to the winning product.
  3. The companies will have the right to present the "Product of the Year" diploma at any promotional events in Poland and abroad.

§ 8
Final provisions


  1. Current information related to the contest will be published on the website: pr.inteligentnybudynek.eu.
  2. Any questions concerning the interpretation and application of these Rules and Regulations will be explained and resolved by the Organizer:

    The editorial department of Intelligent Building
    The Publisher Trade Media International
    ul. Koszykowa 6
    00-654 Warsaw
    tel. +48 22 852 44 15
    e-mail: redakcja@trademedia.us

  3. By submitting the product you agree to these Rules and Regulations.


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